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Crown/Royal Tsarina State Rhinestone Full Silver Queen, King Crown UNISEX

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Crown Designers is proud to bring the discriminating collector, a breathtaking "full round" version of one of our most beautiful headpieces, the "Tsarina Feodorovna".

Inspired in 18th century Imperial Saint Petersburgh and the style en vogue during that magical era in Russian history, the crown reflects the elegance, panache and romance we all associate with the Romanov dynasty of tsars and tsarinas.

Unisex, the crown is crafted with imported faceted crystals from the Czech Republic, simulating diamonds and amethyst stones, set in gleaming high quality Silver tone metal.

Stunning and majectic, the crown is ideal for events such as masquerade balls, pageants, homecomings, "quinces" and Sweet 16's, entertainment industry productions and collectors

The piece measures 4 inches in height at the centre peaks by 7. 25 inches in width

Special modification available:
We can custom size this crown to fit the following measurements, by inserting a special material lining in blue veltet fabric at no extra charge
Please state in your order which diameter ( width ) size you prefer:
6 1/2 inches
7  Inches
7 1/4  (NO PADDING)
HOW TO PRE MEASURE CROWN SIZE ( For fully round crowns )
Take a flexible measurement tape, wrap it around your head, exactly where youwant the crown to sit. Lay the measurement tape and read the dimension and divide it by 3, that should give you the right measurement for your crown according to your head's shape and size.


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